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Where It All Began

Arlean Elizabeth designs and manufactures clothing for women who are interested in a timeless and upscale approach to fashion. Started by designer, Jessie L. Woodson, the business is named after her grandmother who introduced her to the art of sewing. A certified fashion designer, Mrs. Woodson has been perfecting her skill for more than forty years. Starting with doll clothes and making clothes for herself, her passion for fashion and her talent has cultivated over time earning her various awards throughout her career including Memphis Fashion Week Audience Choice and first place in the Mini Collection category. The same passion and talent are exemplified in each design produced by Arlean Elizabeth. We work with women who like to look good and especially enjoy doing so at special occasions. Our goal is to create unique, hand crafted attire to wear during these events for others to recognize and inquire.

In the Spotlight

Awards & Recognition

2019 Memphis Fashion Week
Audience Choice Award

2019 Memphis Fashion Week
Mini Collection Category 

Our Services

Custom Designs

Custom clothing gives fashion-conscious consumers an opportunity to express their individuality through their attire.

Personal Story

We believe that fashion, when done right, tells a “story.” Using our services, clients are able to tell their own personal story.

Passion for Fashion

Our experienced staff shares the client’s passion for fashion, and is always ready and willing to assist in crafting their personal fashion story.


Our fashion consultation services are designed to create an experience that is enjoyable, educational, and unsurpassed.

Sketching Services

Clients who have special requests for uniquely designed garments can also benefit from our sketching services.

Attention to Detail

By listening to the client’s needs and wants, we offer  guidance on the latest trends, seasonal looks, and essential accessories.

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